How should I fix Epson error 0X97?
baroncorrz Posts: 1
Feb. 19, 2021, 4:46 a.m.

Epson error code 0X97 occurs due to a problem with the printer’s hardware or software. Fixing Epson error 0X97 would require you to take the following steps.

• First of all, you must try to use my inbuilt Microsoft’s printer troubleshooter. Visit the Microsoft website, download and install the troubleshoot on your computer and keep following the on-screen instructions to use the tool. • The next step is to disconnect and reconnect the power supply to your printer. Firstly, unplug the USB and cable from your printer, open the side panel and remove any jammed paper. Ensure the printer cartridges are in good shape and are installed properly on your printer. • Further, you will need to take a damped cloth and clean the areas on your printer where the ink has been accumulated like the printhead, printer casing, and other components.